Cacao Energy Balls Of Greatness

Just 5 ingredients,  a food processor and 10 minutes of your time. Great healthy snacks for yourself and the little ones! (bare in mind the amount of natural sugar).

So today, I surprised myself at how exited i was with my new Morohy Richards food processor – is this now life? New kitchen appliances making me happy?

If you want to make protein balls instead of energy balls, substitute your protein powder with some of the cacao and ground almonds 🙂


1 mug of whole majool dates

2 generous table spoons of agave nectar

Half a mug of cacao powder

2 table spoons of nut butter of your choice

3rd of a mug of ground almonds – desiccated coconut works well too we just prefer the almonds 🙂

How To..

Chop up the dates and remove the pips, chuck it all into your food processor until fully mashed and blended.

Sprinkle your ground almonds onto a chopping board.

Using a table spoon scoop out your blended ingredients and roll into a ball in the palm of your hands, roll over the sprinkled ground almonds and that. is. it.

So simple, so easy and really tasty, and a great healthy satisfying snack.

Store in your fridge. It’s warm out ATM and they won’t keep!

Majool Dates are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, natural alternative to sweeter. Great for the base of your snack balls whatever you chose to blend them with.


Sinead x


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