Dairy Free Milk for My Young Vegan

So I think this is the most commonly asked question. What milk do I give him and where does he get his calcium from. I’m going to split this post into two. One all about milk, and the other will be about…… keep an eye out and you’ll see 😉

If people would REALLY like me to delve into why I don’t feed my son dairy, or give him cow, goats or any other animals milk I’m more than happy to. Just pop a question in the comments below. But this is more to share what alternatives there are and about the little mans diet.

So way back when, I initially spoke with my health visitor to discuss alternatives. She was pretty amazing. I received no judgment from her when I said I was going to begin weaning my little big boy but on a vegan diet. Instead she handed me some printouts and leaflets on weaning veggie babies (not the same, but getting there). I also asked about milks for when I stop breast feeding. This she didn’t have any leaflets on, however said I’ve set her a challenge and off she went to find alternatives 🙂 to be honest – it was just nice not to be told and not to be judged. Shout out to Anne! number one health visitor!!

The first option that came back at me from GP’s, health visitors and the internet was soya milk. It’s easily available in your standard super markets and online and comes in powdered form just like your baby formulas. I didn’t even go there, one because it contains phytoestrogen which can disrupt hormonal development. Studies have been done, and whatever one decides on, or whichever studies you decide to adhere to, milks with hormones are avoidable and unnecessary for a growing little boy. (One of the reasons for avoiding dairy milk in the first place!)

This blog is generally my own opinion and personal preference. However, a good friend of mine is a successful fully qualified nutritionist, and has come through with additional reasons on why to avoid soya.. ‘As well as containing hormones, soya milk also contains Manganese, which in developing babies with an immature liver would put them at risk of developing ADD/ADHD and other behavioural disorders and learning difficulties.’

Please ask me any questions on this and I can speak with my friend. If you have any queries about you or your little one, feel free to contact her directly on Jessica.odwyer@nuffieldhealth.com.

@Jessica.odwyer – instagram

Aannnnyyy way, onto our alternatives… is there a dairy free milk alternative which offers the same level of calcium as cows milk? No. Simple as that. Does your child need to get their calcium from their milk? No. Calcium is in SO much of our diet. Fruit, veg, beans, dried fruit… the list goes on (the list will go on in my next blog post). Knowing that he gets what he needs from his diet, all I needed to do was find the tastiest milk, with the fewest ingredients, additives, and general rubbish added and hey presto. These are my two faves.

Rude Health Almond Milk

This is based on 7oz. I often give Lucas between 4oz and 7oz depending on time or how much he might have had to eat.

I then add pre boiled water to make up the 7 to 8oz.

I also use this in his oats in the morning diluted with pre boiled water too 🙂

Nutrition per 200ml / 7oz

Kcal 112

Protein 0.4g

Carbs 21g

Fat 3g

Fibre 0.4g

Oatly Oat Milk

I use the same measurement method as above 🙂

I’ve found Oatly actually has more nutritional value than the rude health (and obviously it’s a reliable substitute for those with allergies!)

I’ve outlined the nutritional value again below per 200ml/ 7oz


kcal – 80

Protein – 1g

Carbs – 13.4g

Fat – 1g

Fibre – 1.6g

As always, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. Ask me questions, share your suggestions and let me know what you think 🙂

Sinead x


One thought on “Dairy Free Milk for My Young Vegan

  1. Hey, vegan people I know & follow on Indra say that Hemp milk is the best for vegan kids nutritionally. What do you think & I would like to know your reasons for not giving cows & also how long did u b feed ? Xxx


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