Looking After Number 2

It’s now 9.45pm and I’ve just finished dinner. I literally don’t even think of myself until Lucas is in bed. Usually he’s down by 7.30pm but tonight was one of those nights where he would not sleep unless my hand was in the cot for him to hold/pinch (he pinches when he’s drifting off to sleep – does anyone else get this or I am the only one who has to endure this painful habit?)

Hold that thought – were awake again. Pause at 9.55pm…OH MY GOODNESS HE JUST TOOK HIMSELF BACK TO SLEEP THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! 9.52PM continued…

Where was I, ah yes. Basically I love food. so whether it’s 6pm and I have hours to prepare a dish, or 10pm and I’m exhausted – I’ll still be cooking myself a proper meal, usually from scratch- and quite a large one at that.

My cousin (@ciaralondon on instagram – amazing personal trainer) and I got talking about one of her clients and the company she works for – FeedMe2. Omg what a good idea. Their ethos is basically The nutrition you need, the taste you crave and the convenience you deserve.’ Healthy meals, with all the nutrition you need as a new mum, dropped to the door. Not just new mums but expecting mummys too.

I tried these guys out a couple of weeks ago and their dishes are SO yummy. They cater to vegans too (woooo) Nights like tonight i could really have done with a FeedMe2 Turmeric spiced aubergine and lentil curry instead of cooking at 9.30pm. Think that one was my fave.

Anyway i am knackered! (and can we just re celebrate that Lucas woke and took himself back to sleep in the space of 1 minute) But if you’re like me and love good food, with all the goodness and have little energy and time – then check these guys out… http://feedme2.co.uk/





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