‘Baby Weight’

These days there is SO much pressure to ‘bounce’ back into shape after having a baby. Instagram, magazines, reality TV… the list goes on. And we all know that feeling insecure post baby is the last thing we need to worry about!

One thing I came to accept after having our little boy, is that we are all different. We’re incomparable. How can you feel pressure to be like the super slim mum on Instagram when you’ve had a completely different pregnancy, a different birth, and you in yourself are different. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll feel happier in yourself and you can begin your own fitness journey. One suits you and your lifestyle in order to get back into the shape YOU want, and get back to feeling like YOU again.

Weight gain…

Us mums can tell you mums to be and anyone who’s trying for a baby that weight gain is going to happen 🙂  There’s many normal ways of weight gain. Water weight, fluid in the body, going up a size or 6 in bras, (this was me!) and then there’s the extra few lbs which are totally acceptable.

As long as you’re staying healthy, the weight will stay under control.

Post pregnancy..

The LAST thing you should be thinking about just after giving birth is how to get back into shape. Chill out! enjoy the new baby bubble, it doesn’t last long!

Where to start? 

Mum and baby exercise classes! You meet other mums, training is completely tailored to new mummies, and as far as I’m concerned there is no judgement. My little boy has so many new friends since we started our buggy fit class, not to mention the amazing women I’ve met myself. I know a really great buggy fit class in New Barnet 😉 email me for info.

The gym can be intimidating.You may not have been in a while or you may never have been. For me, the gym works. It’s my escape. I can zone out and concentrate on ME for a whole session.

As a new mum we are KNACKERED, so self motivating to exercise in your living room can be a tough one. But its also a great one. you don’t need a babysitter, you don’t even need to get dressed!!! I need to up the anti on posting some home workouts. Check out my instagram page @fitmumtobe. 25 minutes at home, 5 days a week really is all you need if you put in the work.


My little boy is nearly 10 months old and I would say 8 months is when i felt like me again. I don’t know if this is a long time or short. But i don’t care it suited me.

Routines are hard to stick to, energy levels are lower than anyone can imagine, our bodies naturally are different after a baby and it’s pretty much like starting a fresh again in terms of training. Get to know what you enjoy and what suits you. You deserve a pat on the back for just starting.

Keep at it because you’re doing amazing!

Sinead x


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