Buggy Fit

I currently run a buggy fit class every Tuesday and Thursday in New Barnet. (full details at the end of my post)

It started as a way to stay busy and fit with other mums but it’s become SO much more than that. The what I like to call ‘Super Mums of North London’ give me life every week.

I wish doctors would recommend classes like mine to post natal Mums. You meet other people going through the exact same thing, you don’t feel alone, you keep fit, feel great, share tips and stories and make friends. So simple.

I’ve said SO many times before, exercise is the best prescription for feeling good. After a baby our bodies aren’t quite the same physically and hormones are flying ALL over the shop. Scientifically, exercise releases a chemical called endorphins which interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Almost like a high. Amazing right?!

And as a mum we all know time to ourselves is a thing of the past, so roll it all into one and boom bang, buggy fit with a bunch of amazing women.

It’s not all fun, games and chit chat (we save that for the coffee shop after) these guys sweat, hit personal bests, have lost stones and their strength and fitness has soared. On top of that i think its fair to say we’ve all helped each other kick start motherhood.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday in New Barnet in a little quiet park, Pymmes Brook Trail EN4 9AT at 10.30am. The classes are an hour long and if you have time we head for a coffee or juice after. £5 a session.  All mums with little ones of any age welcome.

Drop me a message Sineadeatonfitmum@gmail.com for any more info.




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