Teething Tips

So this is as much of a request for tips as it is providing tips. The little man is struggling with teeth coming through and here’s some medicine free teething soothers that have so far helped us through. Please let me know of any others so we can try and share them too!

Watermelon Ice Lollys

Erm YUM! The easiest, healthiest treat and tip. I love making stuff myself. It means I know everything that goes into it, with no added naughtiness like sugar, E numbers, additives or preservatives.

Step 1. Chop the water melon into slices and then cubes.

Step 2. Blend the cubes.

Step 3. pour into ice lolly moulds.

Step 4. Freeze over night

Step 5. Both you and the little one enjoy 🙂

If not the ice lollys he seems to love gnawing on the remainders of my slices.

Frozen Orange Segments

He DEMOLISHES orange slices. When they’re extra cold he literally delves into it (its quite funny) I refrigerate some and freeze some for when its really hot out. Self explanatory but I’ve outlined what i do below.

Step 1. Slice up your oranges.

Step 2. Wrap the sliced orange as a whole in cling film.

Step 3. Freeze over night.

Step 4. Take the segments out and run them under water to make sure they’re not sticky with ice.

Step 5. Enjoy 🙂

Cold Wet Muslin 

We tried this one yesterday. SO simply and SO effective.

No need to step by step. I dip part of his his muslin or a face cloth into some cold water. He gnaws and sucks the water out. Mmmmms and aaaahs as he does so.

Please let me know of any more tips. Hate to see him sad 😦

SO many of my fellow mums have helped out on this one! See below for more tips and tricks;

Cold cucumber (be careful of these the little man breaks off chunks with his tiny teeth).

Freeze a bottle of water and let them chew on the bottom.

Famous fabulous Sophie the giraffe.

Breast milk ice lollys

Ashton and Parsons teething powder.


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