Holiday Bits For Travelling With Bubs

The not so little man is reaching 6 months now and we’ve just returned from holiday number 3 of the year so I’ve complied some tips and tricks of my own for any mummies and daddies travelling with wee ones. As always, please share any comments or tips of your own, The more the merrier for us all!

Firstly, before even booking check your flight prices against the baby fare. The baby fare for most airlines is around £20 to £30. When booking our Ireland flights, it actually worked out cheaper to buy him his own seat than to pay the child fare. I know most flights are above and beyond that but we saved about £10 each way and the extra space was a god send!

Our first holiday was to Ireland so obvs not your bog standard sun holiday. Pretty easy packing. He had just turned 3 months and I was travelling with him on my own (ARRGHHH SCARY!) Well actually no, he was so good and it was easy! At this age they need nothing but milk, and if you’re a breast feeding mum then that’s even less baggage for you!

Good to know

For bottle fed babies, you can make up all your feeds before you travel the 150ml liquid rule doesn’t apply to baby milk. HOWEVER give yourself plenty of time to get through security, the bottles will always be pulled aside to be security scanned. Not the one if you’re tight on time.

Good to know

Ryanair now let you travel with hand luggage and an additional small bag. SO HANDY. (pun ;)) One bag for suitcase and a handbag for your passports and changing bits. British Airways have the same 2 bag allowance.

Easyjet are yet to step up the game and still have a strict 1 hand luggage only rule. (boo easyjet) Virgin are also 1 bag along with Monarch.Oh and Pushchairs and car seats are completely separate and don’t count as luggage 🙂

Top Tip

A lot of people have told me that feeding babies on the take-off and landing helps with their ears due to the sucking. Whether this actually helps or not I’m not sure but it seemed to avoid and problems with us! Plus, the motion as well as feeding sent him straight off to sleep for the majority of the Ireland flight.

Holiday number two was to an amazing town in Turkey. Kal Kan was a 4 and a half hour flight away followed by a 2 hour car journey. This was daunting as it t was a lot further than Ireland! I was at ease slightly as I was flying with 8 members of the fam, so had 8 pairs of helpful hands. Again, he was amazing, slept most of the way with the motion of both the plane and the Minnie bus the other side. So worrying about the long journey beforehand was a waste of energy. Chill.

Top Tip

Bring a sling or a baby carrier! That’s if you’re not hiring a car. Baby is comfy and legal strapped onto you when travelling publicly. It is also legal in the UK to travel with baby on your lap or strapped onto you when travelling by taxi, Minnie bus or coach.

Top Tips For The Holiday

Top Tip – PACK MINIMUM FOR BABY. I don’t know how long I thought we were going for, but I packed more for him than I did for myself. I made the same mistake for holiday number 3 in the south of France. Waste of space and money!  It was so hot he lived in his nappies and swimming nappies. No cloths needed unless we went for dinner. In the heat a naked baby is a happy baby 🙂

Toes in the sea in the South of France

Top Tip

If hiring a car, shop around for the best prices including the baby car seat as well as the best deal on the car. This can add an extra £100 or so to the hire. Another mum I know actually worked out that it was cheaper to buy a car seat in a nearby store for the week and throw it away at the end of the holiday!

Big Top Tip

IT’S YOUR HOLIDAY TOO! Go out to eat, for a drink, or an evening walk. I know we’ve spent the last 3 months/ 6 months/ year drilling a bedtime routine into our lives but don’t worry, a week or two won’t throw it all out the window.Enjoy your time away.f When we went out to eat in the evenings, little man came along and either fell asleep on the way there or after a feed at dinner. And if they don’t sleep, don’t stress. Routine will be waiting for you when you’re back home. Enjoy.


Sinead X

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