Balance, accept and BE

Accepting that time is no longer on your own watch.

Before baby, you plan your day, your week, your evenings and everything else. After baby, baby plans whether you’re able to do ANY of this!!

These days a take my imaginary hat of to every mum and dad, and especially those of you with more than one offspring, and all the single parents. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING.

The sheer fact that i haven’t posted in months shows I’m still trying to master the whole balance thing. For me its the juggling of little man, study, business planning, working out, special time with little man, and  then time with everyone else. (me time is workout time)

There has been days where I’ve planned to gym that very evening. Got my gym buddy, we know exactly what were going to work on, Daddy’s looking after little man then it gets to about 6pm and i am EXHAUSTED. The excitement has gone, energy levels are zero, and the sleepless night before has eventually caught up and slapped me in the face.So the gym gets scrapped and i feel rubbish. (Bare in mind, my gym time is my me time.)

Then there’s been days where we get up in the morning and I plan a solid day of studying. Well, that was a nice idea. Those days of studying are the only days where little man has NO intention of napping.


(The struggle of studying with a little man)

Friday night comes along, the babysitters are in, my boyfriend and I have dinner reservations and a long party night out planned, it hits 11pm and after some yummy food, we’re yawning and ready for bed haha.

So, my answer? I’m still not too sure. But i think it’s to accept that you’re time is not really on you’re watch any more. And taking every day as it comes. To just BE. Enjoy the now. I am enjoying every single day. I loosely plan that I’ll hit the gym 4 times in a week, but if I’m exhausted.. well I have a 5 month old baby, THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! so it’s OK. Enjoy my little man time while hes awake, and study my heart out when he sleeps.

I think this goes for everyone and not just us new Mums. (being a mum and little man has taught me so much about life in general and this is one of them) Just BE every single day. Yes we can all plan, set goals, know what we want to do and where to go, but to enjoy the very moment you’re in. Don’t bog yourself down because you haven’t ticked off the 101 things on your to do list. It will happen, you will get there, just maybe not the way you originally thought or within the time frame originally planned 🙂

Also, everything i do now is for my new life AS a mum and for the little man. I want the best life for all of us, so when plans do take a detour because of being a mum.. well that’s totally cool. Its all for us anyway 🙂

Sinead x

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