Fit Mum – Fab Birth?


Is there really such thing as an easy labour?

I thought I’d fast forward 9 months to the birth of my Bubs.  Does ones fitness levels have an effect on labour and birth? I had a quick, drug free, complication free water birth.


Now, I can only speak from my own experience. Maybe I was lucky? Maybe my fitness had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that everything went smoothly? But I don’t 100% believe that.

Sounds strange, but I had the most amazing experience giving birth to our little boy and I believe that exercising throughout pregnancy helped massively for a few reasons.

The positive effect exercise and training have on the mind is incredible. The positivity can be transferred and used when facing something as daunting as labour. They say mind over matter in most walks of life and this is a perfect example. Then there’s the ability to focus and zone out or in. I was in control of my body and I was in control of any pain. I was calm and confident from the get go.

Endurance and stamina are two things gained with training in anything. They also play a massive role in labour. I know I was only a few hours but I didn’t feel to give in, and not once did I think ‘I can’t do this’. My body didn’t tire. I was also able to rely on it which kept me relaxed.

Finally the physical effects.  They MUST have contributed. I trained in pilates right up to 7 months (modifying a lot of the exercises) giving me a strong core. I delivered a healthy 7lb 10 baby in hours! Got up and was able to walk with him in my arms seconds after. The energy and strength was there for my body to carry out what my mind was telling it to.

Lucas arrival 27 01 2016 059

Everyone’s different, and as I mentioned I’m only speaking from my own experience. But I wanted to share the numerous ways exercise helped me and the positive effects it had.

I cant put it all down to fitness, I also have an amazing other half with the most calming aura. It’s hard to worry when that’s by your side 🙂

I have a few mental tips that really helped with labour. So please feel free to email me personally and I’ll be happy to share 🙂

Please tell me your thoughts, or share your experiences. Feel free to private message me and if you’re happy to we can share your own experiences anonymously for other mummys to be.

4 thoughts on “Fit Mum – Fab Birth?

  1. I’m not pregnant and don’t plan on being anytime just yet 😉 but with all the scary stories you hear about labour, reading this has most definitely put my mind at ease 🙂 xx


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