Firstly thanks for taking the time to check out my first blog post! It’s pretty nerve racking putting such a personal journey out there for all to read so it means a lot:)

As it’s the first post I thought I’d take it way back to the creation of @FitMumToBe, the inspiration and motivation to train throughout my pregnancy.

I created FitMumToBe as an Instagram page way back in August. I was in my best shape of my life and feeling at my physical strongest when we discovered we were expecting. I knew a big change was on its way for my body. Through research I was over the moon to discover that any training that I had been doing previously can be continued pretty much up until the 3rd trimester.

I think being pregnant can be a real easy excuse to one’s self to step away from exercise. We all have our own excuses; tiredness, it’s raining, the gyms too busy at this time, I’ll go tomorrow, and for me it could have easily been ‘I’m pregnant I think I’ll rest.’ So FitMumToBe was my little inspirational reminder to say hey- this makes you feel great so don’t stop now! Mentally, exercise made me feel AMAZING. Working out was like meditation. So it was good for my body, soul and mind.


Having said all of that, I decided to inspire and motivate myself with the hope of doing the same to anyone else, expecting or not.. And so fitmumtobe was born (pardon the pun)😉


Sinead x

7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I think all pregnant mums can learn such a lot from your positive inspiring outlook. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Congratulations and well done. Keep up the great work.


  2. Lovely post 😊
    My baby is 17 months and your pics/videos have inspired me to stop making excuses . Time to get fit!

    All the best on your new journey x


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